Linino One (Yun Mini) Board GPIO pinout/pin map

Hi all, unable to find a definitive diagram, drawing or info for the Linino so thought I'd try this forum since it's almost identical to Yun Mini. I'm looking for all the available GPIOs, their virtualization & where they connect on the (Linino) board. Does anyone know if the Linino One pinout/pin map is the same or very similar Yun Mini? The Linino wiki provides some info at the bottom of the link How to control the GPIO/ADC/PWM/I2C on MCU from sysfs but good amount of it relates to shields. I see gpio0, 21, 22, 23 & 100 at sys/class/gpio so I'm wondering if/what those correspond to on the board? The wiki states virtualized gpio numbering starting at 100 & following the yun-gpios.cfg file but I can't find that file anywhere?

If I were you, I would post either or Arduino - Home.

better at both.