Link exchange?

I just ditched my homemade CMS system, and instead installed Joomla.

I now got a much better way to do links, and a even better way to paste my code on the site.

First thing I did was to paste som arduino related url’s, but I am of curse interested in more, so if you got a website that isn’t on the list, just let me know so I can get it on. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome to add my new blog:

My website ( has quite a few Arduino based projects as well.

Added both :slight_smile:

Can be found here:

It is also possible to submit links to it here:

working on it atm, still adding content

Added too :slight_smile: - not much there yet though it will grow.

So you’d recommend joomla then? My site really needs a makeover.

I recommend it as well, although I use wordpress for my blog. I just started working with joomla, and although it’s a bit frustrating b/c it’s different than just messing with the usual .html and .php sites, it makes dynamic content infinitely easier (homemade CMS sites don’t usually turn out well unless you really really really know what your doing).

how does joomla do compared to drupal? I started with druapl and have struck to it.

I used drupal for about a day, and ended up liking joomla more, but probably due to personal preference rather than any specific aspect. By the looks of the support and communities behind both the systems, they are equally popular, tho.

I used drupal for about a day, and ended up liking joomla more, but probably due to personal preference rather than any specific aspect.

same happened to me with joomla… perhaps because i had used drupal first.

Never tried drupal, so I don’t know how it is :wink:

Joomla was very confusing right when I started to use it, but managed to learn it fairly quick, and didn’t even read about how to do it, just trial and error method.

But to get it up and running, it only took about 15 minutes, including installing wamp on windows. Then some hours to get to know it, and then 10 minutes to get the code highlighter and gallery found and installed. So that was VERY easy, and I think the result is awesome.

Also started to mess around with external pages as content, and that turned out well too, the webcam is an php file, with the stuff in for silverlight and the controls for the on/off for my lamp. ;D

And as I have noticed, quite a few have been visiting my site, and also played with the lamp.

I just finished the article on how I made it, and also finished the new webserver for handeling the usb HID.

I think i turned it on & off :wink: thats what the PHP script does with the options 1 & 0 i presume. I couldn’t see anything - it says - install microsoft silverlight…

Jep, I know that far from all got silverlight installed, but it is the one that work best with the navigation for the camera. I will also make it selectable, so there will be silverlight, java, javascript and flash to choose between

And an update…

There are now Silverlight, Flash, Java Applet and Java Script to choose between when viewing the webcam, so there should be something for any taste. :slight_smile:

Changed from Joomla to Wordpress, simply because Joomla was overkill to what I was using it for.

Links are also more easy to access now, placed on the sidebar.

Everyone got their link on, or do I miss someones?