I was just wondering, do anyone on here use Linkedin for their professional life? I guess I am really asking engineers, been an engineer myself, but of course all replies are welcome!

I have an account myself, a basic one, but it can be hard to make connections etc., and I am just wondering what other people think of it.

I do actually kind of like it. I like that it's not like Facebook, full of annoying people with theor silly little 'Likes' and all tha crap.

All replies welcome.

Go raibh maith agat.



I have an account, a couple-few dozen connections mostly to people I work with, don't use it that often and haven't ever really used it seriously (or had to use it seriously, knock wood or silicon or something). At times it sort of seems like the Mutual Admiration Society. But that's just me, maybe some others have some success stories, if so, I'd be interested to hear those as well.