Linking a png file to a post

At first when I was going to make this post I was going to attach a png file for the viewer to see and make things easier to converse about. I tried to find the file and make an attachment, but no, all I got to do was put a link in the text window. Can someone explain how to simple add an attachment to a post?

Just drag the file into a post as I did with the image below

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There is a special button for this.
Upload Button

thanks, that's good to know!!

I had the same query, thank you so much!

This might help :wink: A thread with tips and tricks for the new Discourse based Arduino forum - #3 by sterretje

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Damn. deleted by mistake. sorry..
i was saying..i'm new here and the tips & tricks mentioned in this link proved very helpful. Also, i liked the pic of the state of your mind.

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