I am currently trying to build a project which uses an electret microphone (EXTERNAL MIC) attached to an Arduino Nano to send voice commands to an Android App we are creating. Bluetooth (HC-05, +HC-06) will be used to pair devices. We would like to use the phone’s internal speech engine since we have not been having luck with Bitvoicer however I have not been able to find anything online about how to build the app or connect an app with our voice commands to the Arduino. Can anyone please help provide any tutorial links or provide any project guidance? Thanks!

send voice commands to an Android App we are creating. Bluetooth (HC-05, +HC-06)

You can not use those devices to send audio over Bluetooth they will not work in audio mode.

What would be the appropriate component(s) to use?

The microphone circuit needs to send information to another arduino board and so I planned to use our smartphone to become the " bluetooth base" to allow everything to pair and get the information from the arduinos; however I extremely new to this and had never heard of bluetooth not working with audio!

Thanks for your reply and insight.

Update: I have not found a good solution using an external mic (Sparkfun BOB) with Andriod voice recognition so we are using Bitvoicer server. Still questioning and researching how to link arduino data with andriod (see above comment) wirelessly for within a 30ft radius and upload data to android. Any help/links are very much appreciated! :slight_smile: