LinkIt ONE uploading

Morning all

Hope I'm posting this in the correct place...

Has anybody managed to successfully upload code to a MediaTek LinkIt ONE board with the Arduino IDE lately?

I have a LinkIt ONE board I purchased maybe 5 years ago, struggled like hell to upload something to it at the time, eventually managed to play about with the various examples (couldn't get it working with OS X at the time, Windows XP worked fine), not being able to use it with OSX at the time was counterproductive for me so it ended up in its box in a cupboard...

Found the board a few days back (still boxed), decided to have another play about with it in the hope the SDK would be a little easier to use now

I've added the board with boards manager in Arduino IDE 1.8.10 on Mac OSX 10.15.7 (currently using this setup almost daily fine with other boards)

I was able to update the firmware on the LinkIt ONE board (I'm thinking good thoughts at this point)

However !, any sketches (even a blank one) that I try to upload to the board returns the error:

Warning: platform.txt from core 'MediaTek ARM7 EJ-S (32-bits) Boards' contains deprecated"{compiler.path}{}" {} "{build.path}/{archive_file}" "{object_file}", automatically converted to"{compiler.path}{}" {} "{archive_file_path}" "{object_file}". Consider upgrading this core.
/Users/sam00cleveland/Library/Arduino15/packages/LinkIt/tools/linkit_tools/1.1.23/ line 4: /Users/sam00cleveland/Library/Arduino15/packages/LinkIt/tools/linkit_tools/1.1.23/PackTag: Bad CPU type in executable
exit status 126
Error compiling for board LinkIt ONE.

I've done a little bit of googling to no real avail, I'm wondering if this is something to do with my OS no longer supporting 32 bit software or something along those lines?

Does anybody have any input? - anything is appreciated at this point

Thanks in advance


I'm wondering if this is something to do with my OS no longer supporting 32 bit software or something along those lines?

You got it. When macOS dropped support for 32 bit applications, all the 32 bit toolchains had to be recompiled and released for the 64 bit host type. In the case of unmaintained boards platforms that supply their own toolchain, that is a big problem.

Often, you can check the bug tracker for the boards platform to see whether there has been any progress on resolving the issue, or perhaps a community contributed fork of the platform. However, from a quick search, it doesn't look like MediaTek provides a public issue tracker. I tried their forum and it doesn't even load. So you might try just contacting MediaTek support to see if you can get any assistance from them.

I see that the project was designed in collaboration with Seeed Studio, and Seeed does have an active forum, so you might try over there.

Other than that, I think you'd be stuck with using another OS or an older macOS version. Or perhaps you could recompile the toolchain, but it's not clear to me whether MediaTek even released the source code.