Linksprite GPS shield + Arduino Wifi Shield Sd Card programming

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First, sorry about the long generally undescriptive title... You'll understand in a minute. I am trying to use the Arduino Wifi shield in conjunction with a Linksprite GPS shield to track the range of my wifi network by recording the networks available via the wifi shield and the location via the gps shield. My problem is this: I would like to record the data to the sd card slot on the gps shield which uses the spi port. But the wifi shield also uses the spi port. So how can I use both devices(not at the same time) fairly quickly to record a reading every 5-10 seconds? Here is the link to the linksprite gps shield
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Search here for "multiple SPI" and "SPI library".

The basic idea is to give each device its own CS (aka SS) pin. There is one cautionary note here from 2009. Others have commented that some libraries preclude others, based on how they use SPI. Apparently, some libs actually make SPI calls during an interrupt . Very naughty, as that may occur during the code that deals with a different SPI device.

I can't comment on the compatibility of your devices.