Linksprite touch lcd shield programming

I got a linksprite touch lcd shield(2.8 " Touch LCD Shield for Arduino/pcDuino) and I have been unsucessful in programming it to detect a touch or display anything. I have tried using the adafruit touchscreen library to no avail. All help is appreciated!

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A) Touch Foil Looks like a normal 4-wire touch pad. I wrote some access procedures for this, some time back:

// the following 4 values need to be adjusted to your touch panel
uint8_t tp_left = A3;
uint8_t tp_right = A5;
uint8_t tp_top = A4;
uint8_t tp_bottom = A2;

uint8_t getTouchPos(uint8_t hiPin, uint8_t lowPin, uint8_t sensePin, uint8_t dcPin) {
  uint8_t val;
  pinMode(dcPin, INPUT);
  pinMode(sensePin, INPUT_PULLUP);
  pinMode(hiPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(lowPin, OUTPUT);  
  digitalWrite(hiPin, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(lowPin, LOW);
  val = analogRead(sensePin) >> 2;
  pinMode(hiPin, INPUT);
  pinMode(lowPin, INPUT);  
  return val;

  // This will return the raw position
  tp_raw_x = getTouchPos(tp_right, tp_left, tp_bottom, tp_top);
  tp_raw_y = getTouchPos(tp_top, tp_bottom, tp_left, tp_right);

B) Display This is a ILI9341 based display. More/other libs are mentioned here: and here


Hello! Just an add on to OliKraus' post. Make sure you plug the jumper wires/ solder wires into the Analog like this: Left: A3 Right: A5 Top: A4 Bottom A2

(like stated in the code)

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Goldfile: Left: A3 Right: A5 Top: A4 Bottom A2

Well, these are the values for my own board, but these values might be different for the Linksprite touch lcd shield. You need to consult the datasheet for the shield.


Thanks for all your help! I finally got it to work with the seeedstudio's tft touch shield library! Thanks, L