Linux Arduino-like Board - Lichee Pi Zero - 1GHz - 64MB - 90mA

I found an inexpensive Linux Arduino like Board,

Lichee Pi Zero :

  • $6 per Board
    • 1 GHz - speed
  • Builtin 8MB Flash for Root Flash
  • Builtin - 64MB - Ram
  • SD Card Slot for Linux Apps
  • 90mA
  • (49) GPIO
  • Includes ADC , SPI , I2C , UARTS 1 + 2 , USB , PWM , etc

Also additional Options : RGB LCD , Speakers , TFcard Slot , WiFi Card ,
Docking Station , Game Board , etc





Arduino-like? Looks much more Raspbery Pi-like.

? Are you Trolling here ?

It Obviously LOOKS like an Arduino Mini Pro !

But it RUNS like a Raspberry ...

"Yet another tiny, cheap, linux board" isn't very interesting as a crowd-funded project. It's only interesting AFTER it's in production and has demonstrated enough users, community, and vendor support that it has some hopes of continuing to exist... (to be fair, Arduino would not have been very interesting as a crowd-funded project, either. It's CREATION is pretty boring; it's its "community" that has proven fascinating. (And you can go back in time and find other very similar projects that DIDN'T succeed.))

? Are you Trolling here ?

It Obviously LOOKS like an Arduino Mini Pro !

But it RUNS like a Raspberry ...

My point exactly.

"Looks" definition: have the appearance or give the impression of being.

I meant 'looks' as in 'it appears to function as...'. Visual appearance/layout really isn't the most important part of a microcontroller or board anyway, is it? It appears to be much more of a Raspberry Pi knock-off than an Arduino knock-off in the way it functions. That was my point. Are you trolling? Anyway....

Excuse me , who is 'Trolling' - like leaving un-needed useless Negative Comments ?

I am just posting an observation on a parallel board.
Actually it seems useful and popular to their User group.

It runs at 1GHz , uses 64MB Ram , SDCard Disk, and uses less than 100mA power (compared to Arduino +/-50mA power).

Seems easy to use - plugs into PC USB to modify with Shell Scripts - while it runs Linux itself

  • capable of using LCDs and Cameras easily , about 48 IO pins to use.

Maybe more like the Raspberry, but same size as Mini-Arduino.

Not my product - just wanted to share my observation and experience.
I find it useful.

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Actually it seems useful and popular to their User group.

The board is listed as "prototype stage". What user group?

I find it useful.

Do you have one?

I wonder how much current this 'Arduino like' board uses in deep sleep ?

I have gone that route in trying other Non-Arduino, Non-Raspberry controllers (Friendly ARM), and the lack of community support avoided successfully working with them.

So community (forums) is very important, and that is what Arduino and Raspberry provide.

For some stuff I use Arduino's (mostly DUEs, sometimes UNOs, and recently Lolin ESP32 with OLED as Arduino). For video processing though I go with Raspberry Pi Zero (W), they can take and process 90fps 640x480 video streams, or even 187fps 320x240 with PS3 Eye camera. In my caterpillar robot the Pi Zero will be used as video processing coprocessor for an Arduino Due controlling the robot with Arduino PID library:

(Pi Zero with camera, and with Arduino Uno at that time)