Linux <> Arduino ttyUSB

Hi there,

I have a Duemillanove ... I did some code to control some digital ports from the ttyUSB0.

Now, how can I do my computer to "open" the serial port to send data to the Arduino? When I open the serial port from the development application I can send data (via the echo command or others on the linux console).... after a reboot, I cannot send data anymore. When I write as root in my console for example "echo -n 1 > /dev/ttyUSB0" the Arduino resets for a reason. :astonished:

I saw this: Arduino Playground - LinuxTTY ... but when I do the stty command the arduino just resets and STILLS resets when I echo to it some data (without getting them).

So the question is... HOW can I open the serial port without opening the Development Application?

I will do a startup script for this, to open the port and then chmod it ... so every user can send to arduino.

Thanks a lot.

Sorry for my English, I'm from Greece.

Dimitris. :slight_smile: