Linux .deb package request

Hello. I cant find this topic so I start one. I have no problem installing the Arduino IDE but for newcomers on Linux I think it could be a good idea with a .deb package or script with all dependencies for building the avr toolchain and the arduino IDE. Many people use Ubuntu and they use Debian based packages but I think a .rpm package could work to for some other distro users aswell. Good or bad idea?

Sounds like a good idea to me. Anyone interested?

Hi henko, a haven't seen any postings dealing with linux installation problems in the last months/year. For the IDE its unzip'n'run (on Ubuntu at least) and the AVR tools are already installed from distribution repositories.

I don't really see a problem here that needs to be fixed and I can tell you it can be quite time-consuming to update, build, release and upload all the packages in their different package-formats.

The arduino-style distribution surly is the "Admins nightmare", but it seems to work for everyone.


I like the synaptic package manager install of things. But it seems like I alwase uninstall the blender, eagle cad, and kicad installations because they are older and out of date with the tutorials.

The java install is easier with ubuntu 8.10 remember to select JDK as your java you use.

Also the turning off of the brail thing.

I think a quick check list for the latest ubuntu done by someone with a iso cd install and without other stuff installed would give a newb a process to fallow. :D

I Have Made One, It Will Be Done in a few minutes, when it is done ill give a link

here it is

My browser displays that .deb file's contents instead of downloading it. Fantastic.

I made an install script, but I couldn't post a new thread about it because it would have been my first post. Problem solved!

what browser r u using, and second, right click the link and click save link as(or something like that)

might want to put a version number in the filename

To me, there's nothing like being able to apt-get something. I'm all put-out when I have to go downloading things manually. I would love it if I could just "apt-get arduino" from Ubuntu. Or at least wget and dpkg it. Really, the arduino installation method is a bit out of the ordinary for linux. I think it's the only such program I have. Except dosbox.