Linux install doesn't include avr-gcc/etc ?

So I’m not normally a linux user, except at work where I don’t do arduino stuff (and don’t need to be intimately associated with details like package management), but…

Why is it that the linux arduino distribution does not include avr-gcc (and assorted tools) in a private binary directory the way that widows and MacOS distributions do? Is there that little binary compatibility between the various linux distributions?

I think it's just different philosophy. Linux distros tend to slice and dice tools and libraries pretty small, and let the package managers deal with the interdependencies. So a good arduino release would include the yum/deb/rpm/ipk dependencies upon avr-gcc, and thus get updates more automatically as the months go by and the patches get rolled out.

I like that idea in theory, but I find the .app bundles on OSX to be favorable: far more installable/reorganizable/segmented so different tools or bundles don't conflict with each other. Disk space is cheap. Only thing I don't like about it is the fact that only one instance of a given .app can run at a time... ugh.

I don't use Windows except at my day job, so I don't know if I'd rather the avr-gcc stuff be bundled or separate.

I think its more why would you: the idea behind package management systems is to keep track of all packages needed on the computer.

Bundling program dependencies in with the program would be going against this principle, the PM's job is to sort all that out for you.

Also how far do you go? if the IDE needs java right? shouldn't we then bundle that in there too...

I guess the real solution is like halley says - to tell the packet manager what the dependencies for the program are so it can get them for you, it can then worry about when it becomes redundant/ out of date. Of course that would in itself be making a package - not something I know anything about!

Would be amazing to one day type "apt-get install arduino" :slight_smile:

Hmm. It's not like it's THAT hard to install winavr or avr mac-pac separately either.

thus get updates more automatically as the months go by and the patches get rolled out.

Thereby making the linux Arduino installs inconsistent with the Mac/Windows Arduino installs of "apparently" the same revision :frowning:
My experience with package managers (Fink/Fink Commander on Mac, mostly) has not been very pleasant. It almost seems like the goal is to eat up as much disk space on moderately silly "dependencies" as possible (I forget what it was I tried to install that sucked in most of TeX. But it didn't seem likely that the "requirement" was very real for what I wanted to do...) It'd be a real tossup whether I'd rather use the diskspace on multiple copies of the "complete" binary requirements for each high-level app...