Linux on Arduino?

Hi, just a wondering is it possible to put linux on an external hard drive then plug in an Arduino. Then connect a keyboard and monitor to an Arduino as well? Also if possible would you be able to get a decent speed while using linux.




Not even close - if you need something running linux, look into the Raspberry Pi or similar.

The Arduino is orders of magnitude away from being able to run linux on every metric - speed, memory, storage space. That is not what AVR/SAM microcontrollers (as used in Arduino boards) are meant for.

Hasn’t Linux on Arduino been done? Takes hours to start up if I recall.

You are probably misinformed and mixed up arduino with raspberry pi. You can't have an arduino run linux on an external drive.

I once showed my development lab to a student and pointed to one of the data loggers I designed, based on ATMEGA1284 and arduino core. He was enthused and said, "Wow, is that a raspberry pi?"

You have "Arduino Yun" or "Arduino Tian" from Dog Hunter.

68tjs: You have "Arduino Yun" or "Arduino Tian" from Dog Hunter.

Arduino LLC may still be selling Arduino Yun. They are very under-powered and overpriced compared with raspberry pi 3B, which has wifi and bluetooth on board with a 1.2GHz quad-core processor and 1GB memory. That is the way to go if you need linux and lots of networking and computing power.