Linuxcnc driving Arduino MEGA as BOB over ethernet.

I’ve taken the linuxcnc to Arduino UNO ethernet .ino, hal, py and ported it to the Mega2560.

Latest version is at MEGAEtherStepperANDOTHERFILES.ino - as one file, you have to copy and paste into individual files. I have attached them here as separate files.

24 pins for digital output, 10 pins for PWM
16 pins for digtal input, 6 pins using Interrupts

Cheers Robi

there are errors… in the .ino atoi(rxbuffer blah the atoi( and ) needs to be removed

MEGAEtherStepperANDOTHERFILES.ino (34.2 KB)

udpioMEGA.hal.txt (6.17 KB)

MEGAEtherStepperANDOTHERFILES.ino (34.2 KB)

defines.h (3.87 KB) (11.3 KB)

I’m running Linuxcnc 2.8.0-pre1 on Linux PremptRT 4.9.13-rt12, python 2.7.9 had gwibber issues. so I tried python 3.4.2 – no joy. Tried Pythong 2.7.13, 2.7.12 no joy… now trying 2.7.5 which is from 2014, gwibber is from 2011. I’m also looking at getting rid of gwibber as well.