LINX or CircuitPython support


I originally wrote some LabVIEW code to communicate with an Arduino UNO via LINX by MakerHub. Now I have purchased a Nano 33 BLE and would like to run similar code.

Is there a way to adapt any of the current LINX firmwares to work with the Nano 33 BLE? If not, is it possible to modify any of the CircuitPython firmwares for the nRF52840 to make them work with this product?

As far as LINX support, at least in theory you should be able to just build the LINX firmware for the Nano 33 BLE and upload it and then it should "just work".

The firmware is available here: LINX/LabVIEW/vi.lib/MakerHub/LINX/Firmware/Source at 2.1 · MakerHub/LINX · GitHub

Thanks for replying so quickly! Those Git files are mainly for adapting currently existing LINX firmware to new devices. I tried mapping the Arduino UNO's firmware since the pins are similar, but ran into multiple issues because many of the variable names have changed (no EEPROM, no servo commands, etc.).