Hello everyone!

I have attached the pic of the electrical connections that I made :

BATTERY LIPO Zippy 3000 3cells connected to the motor driver .

I would feed the whole system with the only lipo : I need a step-down to about 7 volts to be connected through Vin pin or wall plug OR I should use a second smaller lipo to power Arduino ( or a simple 9v battery) ?
What is the simplest solution ?

I expected a simple on / off switch although I realize that there will always be a current flow from the battery, which I will partly solve by removing the battery after each use .

Thanks for your attention


a simple 9v battery

Is only fine if you don't mind paying $5.00 per hour on batteries.

Run the whole thing on Lipo is possible. There are some nice 3 terminal switching regulators from places like Polulu that will allow you to generate the 5V needed at the 5V pin, bypassing the DC jack and on-board 5V regulator

This way you can have a single switch on power from the battery