LIPO battery charging safety


I want to charge my LIPO battery through MKR1000. I will plug a power supply (iPhone charger) on USB connector and i will plug my LIPO battery to small connector.
In this case, i will see an orange LED (charging) on MKR1000.
What i want to know is if MKR1000 will automatically stop the charge. I do not want the LIPO battery to explode or burn


Yes it will stop charging.
If you review the schematic for the MKR1000 you can see what and how it does this.
The light will also change state to let you know it is charged.

Are you absolutly sure there will be no damage ?

I have two MKR1000 here and a few different LiPo packs.
Not one of them has ever got warm let alone hot.

As I said look at the schematics and if that doesn't do it for you read the specs or some of the other posts in this section.

What kind of connector are you guys using on the lipo batteries with the MKR1000 I can't find a name,please help me


But double check that positive and negative are correctly orientated BEFORE plugging in and swap over the two leads if needed.

Its quite easy to do and I just use a needle to gently pry the locking tab up to slide out the connector if I have to do it.