Lipo battery question

Hey guys, I got a lipo battery from robotis a little bit ago and I just want to clarify what it says. Robotis said it has an embedded pcm that prevents it from overcharge, discharge, and excessive current. Is that saying I could keep running it until it stopped working, recharge it, and it would work fine again? It would that somehow damage it? If it would damage it, is there anything I can use to prevent that? Thanks.
P.S. this is the battery I got.

PCM protection circuit module.

Protects the battery from over discharge.

Circuit Itself uses a very small current but shuts off supply when low voltage is reached.

Protection from over discharge but if left for a long time without recharging the protection circuit itself could destroy the battery.

Oh, okay. Thanks, that makes a lot more sense now!

All secondary cell types degrade rapidly if left fully discharged AFAIK - always recharge a bit immediately
if possible - lithium cells seem to like 50% charge for storage, lead-acid always want 100% charge for
storage (and regular top-ups during storage).