lipo charging safety with Fio and Stalker

I'm thinking of deploying several wireless logging nodes in my house and yard (using the Fio or Seeeduino Stalker). Both of those boards have built-in lipo chargers and jacks for a solar panel. But I'm worried about having automatically charging lipo battery packs around my house and in the wooded area of my yard. I've seen videos of lipo packs bursting and causing large fires due to incorrect charging. Is it save to leave a bunch of automatically charging lipos around my house? Am I asking for trouble by trusting these boards to correctly charge the lipo without exploding? Can I simply use Lithium Ion packs instead of Lipo for extra safety, or is the charging circuitry incompatible with Li-ion?

As far as I understand, Li-ion and Li-po can be charged with the same circuit, but don't take my word for it though!

Not sure about the safety of Li-po batteries sitting around, but I suppose as long as the charge manager is working fine then it shouldn't be too much of a problem?