Lipo connector for mkr series - Seriously?

Hi community

Having spent a couple of hours trying to find a matching LiPo pack for my mkr 1010 I have two questions:

  1. Why has Arudione chosen such an uncommen battery connector for this board?
  2. Why is Arduino refering to the connector by its rarely used Model-No “PHR-2”, its a PH-connector from the PH-series. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY is calling it PHR.

See here and here.

Is this meant to be some kind of barrier to noobs who have not yet grown a soldering iron for an extra limb, and who have not yet collected a closet full of adapters.
Even the polarity is reversed to common battery connectors.


I had the same thought, since none of the LiPos I happened to have on hand used this connector. However, once I did some research I discovered that this seems to be the most common connector used by the “Maker” industry long before Arduino chose it.

I also ran into this when I bought some cheapo connectors on “pigtails” from a Chinese seller on eBay. However, again, once I went looking at what the established practices were in the industry, I discovered that Arduino followed the standard.

Just take a look at what you see here:

I agree it’s not the common connector you find on LiPo packs from vendors in the Far East but that’s what you find from reputable vendors too that are common in the community.

On the format they do document it as

connector is of type JST S2B-PH-SM4-TB(LF)(SN). Mating connector is JST PHR-2

and Farnell is calling it PHR-2

so does Digi-Key

so the naming is not off

Allright I guess I have been looking in the wrong part of the internet.

Nevertheless, these vendors still reference the “PH”-series it belongs to.
Plus, they are selling no battery-packs, which is what I’m looking for.

sure… get them from Adafruit or Sparkfun.

@ pert
Thanks for these links.

Have you tried searching for the phrase “phr” in the product descriptions though :wink:
It does not appear anywhere. At least in the LiPo packs I looked into.

JST-PH is not enough for a description of the connector

if you go to JST web site, you’ll see they have many options under the PH series for crimp-style connectors

PHR-2 is really the JST description (and you can add color identification after)

Thanks to all for your repsonses and hints!

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