lipo state of charge determination

Hi, I am trying to build a fuel gauge for my Lipo batteries. I found few methods available such as voltage measurement, current measurement; however they are not reliable. I would like to know which methods and equipment you often prefer to determine the SOC of your battery. Since I am an arduino newbie, i will be glad if you can give me some info about connections and sample codes aswell.
Thank your for your help already.

My equipment:
Arduino Duemilanove

You can use this to monitor the SOC Stand-Alone Fuel-Gauge IC Calculates Remaining Battery Capacity Stand-Alone Fuel Gauge That Integrates LED Display Drivers

Thanks for your fast reponse. I looked into the links that you have sent. These chips could be the answer to my problems, but I have this following question:

Since I am planning to integrate a wireless communication using Xbee Shield, the regular serial communication option would be occupied. I have checked some 1-Wire tutorials on Arduino playground from what i can tell the OneWire.h library given in playground uses the serial communication.

So can I adapt a one-wire communication to my project ? Does it require for serial communication pins "rx" "tx" to be vacant.

I will be glad if you can help me with the connections between the chip and arduino

one-wire communication using digital pin, not require for serial comm.