Liquid Crystal Library

Is there a link to a full description of all of the commands available for the LiquidCrystal lib? I've read over the tutorial and google'd the hell out of it, but to avail.

Any ideas?

Edit: I'm trying to update the display, and I'm getting errors, also, I can't write to the 2nd line...

To use a second line, edit this in LiquidCrystal.cpp #define init1 0x30to

#define init1 0x38

Then delete LiquidCrystal.o and compile your code like regular. The second line can be thought of as the 41st character, so if you send forty spaces then 'a', and 'a' will show up in the first column of the second row. That's about as far as I am too, I have another topic about how to determine the hex values from a chart like this:

Once someone answers that, it should be pretty easy to tap into all the functions available. :D