LiquidCrystal and One Wire

(I started this under 'LCD help', so instead of hijacking that topic any further, I thought it better to start another topic. Hope this is okay.)

Is it possible that I may have damaged the LCD by running One Wire?

I got hello world to work on saturday using the standard Liquid Crystal library. I then loaded the Dallas Temperature Control library and One Wire. I ran the first example, Simple, without changing anything.

I didn't catch on at first, but the example, Simple, used 'port 2' for the one wire port. I think they meant 'pin 2'.

Meanwhile I had the LCD running on the default pins, 12, 11, 5, 4, 3, 2.

So, the program ran the lcd display and the one wire bus, alternating on pin 2. Now the 4x20 LCD seems to act like it is a 2x8 display.

Is it possible for the software to damage the LCD, (or the Arduino pin 2 output for that matter), when both routines were using pin 2?

Thanks, Rich.