LiquidCrystal Library

Hi, I've got some questions about this library.

  1. Why I have to specific R/W pin in the costructor? In the library there isn't any functions to read from the LCD. I put the R/W LCD pin at the GND so I can use less pins from Arduino. How can I do? Is it possible to not specific that pin in the costructor?

  2. I don't know LCD very much, I've just started to study it now. I've read from the datasheet that I need to initialize the LCD controller with some command whit some delay (about ms). In the library I don't see delay and the init command repeated 3 times. Why? Isn't this less compatible?

Thank you in advance for your help. Albano

Is there anyone can help me?

I wish I could help, but I'm curious about the same answers. More specifically, what do you all think is the best variant of 4 bit LCD library? There appears to be a few.