LiquidCrystal on 4x16 display: column offset bug?

I'm using LiquidCrystal (0017, Linux) on a 4x16 LCD using the four bit interface and I found that the column settings for rows 3 and 4 are incorrect.

Setup is: lcd.begin(16, 4);

lcd.setCursor(0, 2) actually positions the cursor at (4, 2).

Workaround: decrement the column value 4 for rows three and four; using a negative column index works fine (i.e. lcd.setCursor(-4, 2) ).

I searched the forum for a prior report but nothing turned up.

I've seen reports of problems with 16 * 4 and other 'odd' sized displays. THe Library seems to be written with 162 and 204 displays in mind.


Check these out.


Thanks, Don, for posting those links.