LiquidCrystal print() reference page doesn't show print(float)

I realise the print() used by the LiquidCrystal library is the same one used by Serial, and that the Serial spec shows the functionality for print() when passed a float type, but it seems odd to omit it from the LiquidCrystal page. The way it's written, it almost reads like lcd.print() cannot handle float types:

data: the data to print (char, byte, int, long, or string)

Sorry, I'm new here. How are the reference pages maintained? Are they in a git repository somewhere that I can patch?

Cheers, Casey

it should be able to print floats as lcd.print is derived from the Print class (at least since version …?)

Which IDE version are you using?
Which lcd library?

Yes robtillaart is correct, it inherits the print library, so it has the same capabilities as the Serial library.

Incase you didn’t know, the print and println overloads for float accept a precision parameter.

Serial.print( 123.4567f ); ← This will print “123.46”

Serial.print( 123.4567f, 4 ); ← This will print “123.4567”