LiquidCrystal440 library too big for ATMEGA168?

I ran into trouble trying to load the demo program in LiquidCrystal440 library onto my ATMEGA168 on a breadboard. The compiled size is 9K(huge). I have no problem when I replaced the 168 with a 328. Then I loaded SerialDisplay from the included LCD library to the 168, it works. The demo is only 3.2K. This makes me think that the LC440 lib uses too much memory and crashes the 168(I guess it was developed on an arduino MEGA with more memory). The symptom is random black blocks and occasionally blinking cursor. But the included LCD lib can't take care of 20*4 display. Does the "improved LCD lib" take care of that? I mean line order is 1,3,2,4, instead of 1,2,3,4.


hmm, that is interesting, I have only used it on a 328 or a 644. I would not have thought that it would run out of anything.

Maybe our resident LCD expert will see this and be able to comment.

Hopefully so. I should have posted this on hardware, where I saw them more often. Alas. I'll wait a few days before I repost. It's not a real issue since I suppose most arduinos are using 328.

Meh, send him a PM and link this thread

Better than reposting

This thread's in the right section which is the main thing