Liquidware TouchShield Slide

I came into possession of a TouchShield Slide. I have managed to get it to work with an antipasto arduino IDE, but I can't find any documentation for the library that allows one to program the TouchShield. I got it working by finding bits and pieces of code on the internet but all links to documentation seem to go to which seems to no longer exist. Does anyone know how I could get documentation.

Hi, not sure if you still care but I just stumbled across this post.

A few years ago I played around with a liquidware game pack which includes a touchshield slide. I made a tetris game which involved programming the touchshield and wrote a series of blog posts detailing how to go about it.

Here's one that may interested you -> Code Frieze: Getting data from the InputShield to the TouchShield

The link to the touchshield graphics API still works so should give you some help. And you can take a look at the tetris code too for more examples.

Hope this is useful.

I have a touchshield slide and have all the documentation that came with it, if you are still interested.

Is anyone still using this shield now? I have one that I did not use since I bought it circa 2008 and now decided to use it for a project.

However, it looks like the company Liquidware is now something completely different and there is no support. I have been trying to add the core to the current Arduino IDE with no success (the shield shows up on the IDE but when I compile the program it says it is missing Arduino.h).