Liquor + Arduino = need a pointer or two

Ok so I’m working on a way to take the Barduino concept to the next level by scavaging a liquor dispenser I found online. You can read the scanty details here:

My issue is where the heckstick do I purchase parts to build a frame? I can get basic metal rods at my local ACE hardware but I need to be able to connect them secure enough to ensure a 1liter bottle of liquor won’t tip over.

I’ll be posting anything I do on the project on my blog as an Open Source kinda project. :slight_smile:

byte* pointer;
byte* pointerTwo;

Just kidding. I simply had to.

You could weld a frame?

Interesting project! :slight_smile:

Haha nice one!

Thats the problem, I’ve really just started with the whole designing things deal and don’t really know how to weld. I’ve considered using acrylic, that may be a big easier to work with for a novice?

wood is usually easier to work with. or maybe aluminum profiles with screws.

aluminum excrusion is the way to go. Trip to the local home depot should get you everything you need

I usually work with aluminum too. But I’ve also been known to build frames out of copper water pipe and fittings. The stuff is so much fun and easy to assemble - and you end up with a pretty cool “industrial” look. The copper can be brushed and clear-coated for a nice bright shine. Galvanized water pipe works well too because it threads together. But it’s a little harder to cut and you have to make new threads if you do cut it. PVC and ABS pipe also are fun to work with. Lighter but not near as strong or rigid as copper and steel.

I think if you did it right, an open, structural frame made of both aluminum and copper would look sweet.

I agree with the aluminum angle iron. Very easy to work with, compact and will support whatever you need to weight wise. You can drill into it with a cordless drill and can either bolt it or pop-rivet it together.

I would imagine that this stuff is pretty spendy, but it seems quite versatile.

Unistrut is another option. Cheaper than the fancy aluminum extrusions and often available at your local hardware supplier.