List of 3rd Party Libraries that Support rpi Pico

I know that the Arduino core libraries support the Pi Pico. But is there a list of 3rd party Arduino libraries that support the Raspberry Pi Pico?


No, but most libraries that take use of the core libraries and don't use platform specific registers will probably work. Don't expect a list because there is also no list that contains all available libraries for Arduino.

Although incomplete, the Arduino Library Manager index has 4740 libraries at last count, and likely almost all of the best ones. The library authors can specify the architecture compatibility in the library metadata, and that is also recorded in the index.

Arduino has not provided a convenient way to filter the listings based on architecture, but there is a cool 3rd party website which does:

Earle Philhower's popular "Raspberry Pi Pico/RP2040" Arduino boards platform for the RP2040-based boards such as the Pico uses rp2040 as the architecture. You can see the list of libraries which specify compatibility with that architecture here:

Arduino has also created an "Arduino Mbed OS RP2040" boards platform for the Pico. That one uses the architecture value mbed_rp2040. You can see the list for that architecture here:

It is also possible for library authors to indicate compatibility with any architecture by specifying the architecture as *. The reality is that sometimes the compatibility is not quite so universal as promised, but as you said the portability that is the hallmark of the Arduino project does mean that it is possible to deliver on that promise and many libraries surely do. Unfortunately, I see that site does not currently provide a list of libraries indicating universal compatibility ( However, I just did a check and found that there are 3220 libraries that specify universal compatibility!

There is another list which was generated by an automated search of all the repositories on GitHub (where most Arduino libraries are located) in combination with the ones in the Arduino Library Manager index (which contains GitLab and BitBucket repositories in addition to GitHub).

You would of course get an unrealistic count of libraries if such a thing was done indiscriminately, since there are many forks of each popular library which are not unique in any way but only created for the sake of a backup or else to stage a proposed change to the library, but the GitHub scraping script does make an earnest attempt to filter those repositories of no value from the ones which appear to contain a truly unique Arduino library.

Even though the list hasn't been updated in a few years, over which time many new Arduino libraries were created, it still contains over 10000 libraries! But I'm still certain that most of the well maintained libraries have been added to the Arduino Library Manager index by now even if thousands more might exist.

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You are welcome. I'm glad if I was able to be of assistance.

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