List of all known Arduino books.


I'm amazed there are so many. When mine was first published there were only about six.

Could I suggest a slot for the websites for each books. '30 Arduino projects for the Evil Genius' has a web site and I am sure most of the others have one.

Also, what about another category for books that are not primarily about Arduino, but contain Arduino-based projects. My other book '15 Dangerously Mad Projects for the Evil Genius' would fall into this category.

Wow, what a lot of work! I've looked thru many of these and bought about a dozen.

The market is about saturated! I had a discussion with publishers, who said "Too many Arduino Books Already!"..

So what I have will be free, online, such as:

Regards, Terry King ...In The Woods In Vermont

Crap Terry, that is a nice article on relays. I asked a teenager to take a look at it and he kept right up with it. I would have sooo messed it up.


I have another book for you:

Programming Arduino Getting Started with Sketches

It is a pity they are not rated in terms of quality as I still don't know which are the ones I should buy (in fact I do know, just imagined I was a beginner).

Can you add a similar list for processing as it is often a companion of Arduino.

THink Si has some good remarks to consider too.