List of arduino compatible microcontrollers

Hi! Does it exsist a list of arduino compatible (AVR) microcontrollers somewhere? It would be nice I if I can make a project and use a suited microcontroller.

I know about these: attiny13 attiny44/84 attiny45/85 attiny2313 attiny4313 atmega8 atmega168 atmega328 atmega644 atmega1280 atmega1284 atmega2560

Have you tried the Atmel web site...?

There's only a few variants that are important. They are (classed by number of pins):

Tiny85 - 8 pins Tiny84 - 14 pins Tiny4313 - 20 pins Mega328 - 28 pins (Arduino Uno) Mega2560 - 64 pins (Arduino Mega)

There's variations of each with different amount of memory but they're not necessarily cheaper on the street because they have less memory.

eg. The Tiny85 family has Tiny85/Tiny45/Tiny25 with 8K/4K/2K of program memory. The first digit in the number is the amount of memory, the second is the family.

Further supported mega chips: Mega1280 Mega1284/644/324 Mega8 Mega88/168

Along with the Tiny chips you have listed, the following should work: Tiny87/167 [I'm about to add support to my tiny core for these as I will be using them in a project] Tiny861/461 Tiny88/48 Tiny24 Tiny25

Hey. Found that information on the findings, it is really so? Thanks in advance.

Make sure you have the proper letters after the chip name also, as the "signature bytes" vary.

For example, the 1284 & 1284P (with 16K of SRAM, the most of Any of the 8 byte AVRs) have ATmega1284 0x1E 0x97 0x06 ATmega1284P 0x1E 0x97 0x05

Same with the 328/328P: ATmega328 0x1E 0x95 0x14 ATmega328P 0x1E 0x95 0x0F

Sometimes the hardware difference is small, like drawing a little less power, or having additional brownout selections.

A part like the 644 has bigger differences besides the signature bytes - '644 has 1 hardware USART, while '644P has two.

I believe Nick Gammon's bootloader sketch covers several of the varieties, more so than the unmodified Arduino installation does.

I was making up a new boards.txt file to capture all the varieties.
I don’t have a lot of these chips. Some would require additions to avrdude.conf also.
This excel sheet capture a lot of the data in one place, from the various Atmel data sheets.

avrdude.conf (585 KB)

boards.txt (20.6 KB)

chip comparison.xls (56 KB)

Mega2560 - 64 pins (Arduino Mega)

100 pins.