List of microcontrollers which are compatible with Arduino IDE

Hello guys,

At the moment, I am looking for microcontrollers which are compatible with Arduino IDE. I need it to trigger a bunch of seven segment displays. I have googled a lot on this but I am unsuccessful. So I am requesting you all for a suggestion regarding this.

Thank You


You'll never find an official list of microcontrollers supported by the Arduino IDE because the Arduino IDE has been designed so that it's very easy for anyone to add support for any microcontroller.

Although Arduino does provide official support for a small (but regularly expanding) list of microcontrollers, the vast majority of the supported microcontrollers are provided by 3rd parties. New support packages are being produced all the time so the list is always growing.

I have made a serious effort to create and maintain a list of all Arduino Boards Platforms, which is the closest thing you'll find to a list of microcontrollers that are supported by the Arduino IDE:

The specific microcontrollers supported by each boards platform are not listed in that list, so you'd need to visit the website of each platform (the URLs of which are provided by the list) to get that information.

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