Listening to a 433 MHz reciever

I've seen in a few places on line where people have recorded their 433 MHz receivers using audacity. I have not found a place that really describes how this should be wired.

I have two devices:

How exactly should this be wired on a breadboard? Specifically, where do I take the output from the reciever? Do I need any resistors? I appreciate the help.

Follow the crummy diagram seen here:

just connect the data lines ot the L and R channels of the jack, the VCC to 5 volts, and the ground of each the RF and the jack to the same ground.

Then open plug it into the mic port of your PC, open audacity, hit record, then stop after youre done, and zoom in on the spectrum!

Audio inputs on PCs are not designed for 5V input and may even be damaged by it. You will get better results if you use a 5:1 or higher resistive voltage divider, like the attached.