Lister chp automation, some advice needed

Goodday all, Have a 1 cilinder lister cs(1950's) (startomatic) 650 rpm connected with v belt/pulley to a 4kw 3fase dahlander motor. An exhaust gas heatexchanger, coolingwater from engine a 800 liter boiler to store heat. Electric driven three way valves to redirect central heating return to boiler and back to central heating as preheated feedwater. I would like to use two fuel tanks one diesel and one high viscosity (heated wvo)vegetable oil. To make it extra complex I would like to feed the engine natural gas via a tube in the inlet channel of the engine. The 3 fase assynchronus engine runs under normal load 1450RPM if I drive it with the engine to say 1530 or more it starts feeding back to the grid(just had my three fase connection in the house installed today).

Whats is the idea. would like to read temperatures, about 9 times up to +/- 90 degrees, at least one time up to 500degr C.(max6675-thermocouple ?) would like to control at least two 3 way valves would like to use the dahlander motor to start the engine, two speed 3fase motor so i could go two times star delta to reach lift off. The engine (startomatic) has a big 24v sollenoid wich lifts the exhaust valve and shuts off fuel. (at least 5 relays?) I would like to read out (amps+/- 10A) the three fases from the motor to see what I am producing. Defenitly a nice screen on the engine with lots of output. Would like to see the RPM's and maybe in the future even a governer.

I have done many hours(days) on google and youtube most of the things I want are feasible and already done . Only thing is I haven't seen all been put together. Maybee thats for a reason.

Can this all be done by one or two arduinos and some relais bords or should I downscale my wishes. After all the google and youtube I just lack the helicopter view

I am used with working with plc's on the user side that is.

This is gooing to be a big amount of sensors and a few PID's, few alarms start/stops conditions... Could be a verry nice puzzle if you know all the pieces are really there....

Hoping for replies,

Kind regards

Bernhard Holland (and no english spell checker sorry)