Listing in Google's search? Why is only the old forum indexed?

It is frustrating when I'm searching for Arduino material and the first thing that comes up is the old YaBB forum. Is there a reason why Google is not listing (almost) anything from the new board?

I know the servers are a bit slow here, but it would take quite a bit of load off the servers if people were able to use Google to directly get to the page they intended on and not use resources for the local search.

Searching through the forums search method is not nearly as helpful as a wider Google search.

I checked robots.txt and even did a user agent change to Googlebot, but neither of those seemed to be blocked. I'll speak for myself, but I wouldn't mind contributing a little bit of money to help out with server costs if that is all that is needed.

Thanks, I love Arduino and would love to see it thrive even more.

Search sucks. That was meant for the subject of my own post, but now it is not needed. Better to start an thread and not look for an old one.

I use google with succes by explicitely using the site: filter e.g. " Why is only the old forum indexed" to get the new forum explicitely

by using (withouth the /forum path) I get the oldforum too.