Listing SD card files on a TFT screen


I'm currently working on a Arduino project that plays audio files from SD card through a speaker.

First Arduino sends the list of all music files, and when I send it a file name, the music is played.

The project is working well but there's no GUI. Everything has to be done via serial, and now I want to add a TFT screen that will list the music files on the screen, so that whenever I touch a file name it should be played.

I haven't bought the TFT yet, and that's because I have a little question for which I need an answer.

If I start listing the files, can I scroll up and down ? Because at some point the TFT screen will become full of text, and I don't want the text to be overwritten.

Thanks in advance.

The files are not scrolled automatically for you. If you have an up button and a down button and a select button, you can program your Arduino to scroll through files and display files yourself.

You may find a library that does this scrolling for you but I do not know of any.