Lithium Ion Battery Charger

I can purchase a lithium charging module but would rather build one into my PCB. I have googled and found some schematics

My concern is that I can't tell id they are safe i.e. if they have dual protection.

Is someone able to recommend a safe schematic that I can use?

Read the datasheets on the parts you have found, see what they say.

Think I found what I am looking for i.e. an explanation with all the required datasheet links :slight_smile:

That is only a charging IC, not a battery protection IC. It relies on the better itself having the protection circuit.

One of the problems you’ll find ( I’m trying design a battery pack at the moment ) is a most (all?) of these clever battery management IC’s are only available in tiny difficult to use packages with tiny pin (.65 mm and less ) spacing or “ ball” pins which at least makes prototyping pretty impossible .

(Interesting that this trend is going to badly affect the hobby and people getting into electronics , ho hum )

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