Little Help for LTspice IV

Hi Guys,

I am drawing my circuit using LTspice IV for my project, I am very new to it and reason I choose it is because I heard it's powerful....Could someone tell me how do I find an Arduino Uno board in the software please ? I know in some other tools (I also use Fritzing) there is a built-in Arduino Uno board, but I can not find a similar thing in LTspice IV. Can someone give me some hints to use it please ?

Thank you very much.

Kind Regards, Jeff

Spice is really for simulating components. I doubt that it has a built in UNO board. It is a circuit analysis tool, not a CAD package! It might be best to ask on an LTSpice support board.

There is no Arduino in the LTSpice package. There are tools that will allow you to create a box with properly labeled pins, for use in drawing a schematic. The Arduino box won't work with the circuit simulator, though.

Hello, you do not know a model equivalent to the arduino on Ltspice

Spice is an analog circuit simulation tool, not digital (although some basic logic gates are present). There are
ways to import a voltage sequence if you want model particular signal histories.

Internally its doing computations on admittance matrices and auto-choosing timescale granularities - highly
tailored to analog signals.