LIttle help please Downloading IDE for Windows 7 Professional

I was able to download the zip file, but can’t find reliable instructions with clear path to install from there. Thanks in advance for your help.

There is no installation necessary. Just unzip the downloaded file. You can copy the unzipped folder to any convenient location. There is a file named arduino.exe inside the folder you can run to start the IDE. You might create a shortcut of that file and put it in your start menu for convenience.

Any reason you specifically downloaded the zip file? Just curious :wink: You might not have permission to install software on e.g. a company computer so that's a valid reason.

Thank you both. I was able to get arduino.exe to run by right clicking and running as administrator, but now stuck on trying to install the drivers. Instructions I found on sparkfun advised to look in Device Manager under Ports for ArduinioUno.inf, but not there or under Other/Unknown Devices. Oddly I see it in the drivers folder, but get error trying to install from there ...."The INf file you selected does not support this method of installation" and the .inf file does not show up under Device Manager even using sub folder search. Little more help please? :slight_smile:

Try using a different USB cable or verify that your cable works for data on another device. You may have a defective or charge-only cable.

Maybe relevant is the board that you use. You mentioned sparkfun, but which board?