Little help with creating a motor driver!

Hello all, today I have tried, and tried again. I have a cctv camera that has a zoom and lens to it. (I have connected all the pins to an ethernet cable to my desk so I can hook it up to the arduino and stream it.) You can see for your self at This will show you the stream and my website.(only really experimenting).

So the way it works is pretty much just a motor If you give it power through one way it zooms in. and the other way it zooms out (just a 2 pin motor). I did quite a while ago hook it up to an NPN motor driver and it worked like a treat. But I have tried again and I think because of the long cable it is now attached to it has a little more resistance.

The motors specs: (for zooming in and out) it requires 12v to work nicely but you can supply 9 but it will go slower etc. resistance of the motor 160 ohms and when you feed it 12v it consumes 10 mA when it gets to the end it consumes 30mA (because it cant move). So its a 0.36 watts max.

I have looked up but i cannot really find any thing. I would like to know how to chose the right current limiting resistor for the transistor for the right gain? I don't really know about the gain I thought it just was a switch. I have many 2n3904 transistors and I could buy some more as I will be working in Maplin this evening and tomorrow. Thank you for viewing and hopefully Ill find an answer.

I hope to control the camera through the arduino Ethernet shield so I can zoom in and out and get the live stream as well.

Sorry to say, for some reason Its just started working -_-. SO I guess It was something to do with sinking or sorcing the current through the wires. But any how. I hooked it up to a couple of buttons. My next step is to make it so that I can control it serially eg 1 go forward a 'step' 0 go back a 'step' Then I need a way of doing it through the websites. Pressing a button could ping a website from the arduino shield or something :S No idea but Ill have to save that for tomoz I guess! I noticed one person joint the site ;) check it out! Very laggy but hey it works ;)


P.S the website is terrible because it is all done through notepad and I hve just started HTML