little robotcar

As part of a minor robotica, to build an hexapod, i’ve made a little car with one SRF02 sensor. It drives around, until it sees an object <30cm away. It Stops, the sensor measures the available distance left, then right. The car then turns towards the direction with the most space.

check our hexapod movie:
(its in dutch. go to the blog section)

i love it! looks like its taking a look around :)

i love it! looks like its taking a look around :)

That does look really cool when it looks around like that like.

Makes it look more like an actual "being".

hey could u help me also build a robo lyk dat

Wow, great job. ;)

good work :)

Pretty swish :)

Cool project with great results!

I did look at the video on your blog. I like your hexapod. I noticed you are using a simplified gate, with distinct movements. If you would like to discuss methods to smooth out the steps, I am available. Not an expert, but I did have a lot of fun writing my own inverse kinematics logic.


Nice robot :slight_smile:


You wrote your own inverse kinematics code for Arduino? I’d love to see that! I’d like to build an hexapod too so I’m looking at all kinds of codes and videos, but I don’t have enough money right now to buy all the stuff…(it was this or my twelve strings guitar… I couldn’t resist!) Maybe in a few months, but I can start working on the software!