LittleFS Mount Fail

Using WiFiManager_NINA_Lite library's Default Example WiFiManager_NINA_Lite-->RP2040_WiFiNINA, I get the following message :

LittleFS Mount Fail

What does this message say and how can I make the default example work ?


As the author of the WiFiManager_NINA_Lite Library, I currently have no idea of what's happening with your new board because I have no issue with my current Nano_RP2040_Connect and can't duplicate the issue.

I suggest you try these 2 basic examples in LittleFS_Mbed_RP2040 library, which this library is based on :

  1. LittleFS_Counting
  2. LittleFS_Test

Please modify the code to have better debugging as follows

#define _LFS_LOGLEVEL_          4

then post the debug terminal so that we can spot anything abnormal.

I'm afraid that this is the board manufacturing issue similar to this [FACTORY SOLDER BUG] Nano Connect RP2040 Bad Solder for USB Mini Connector - possibly more?

Good Luck,

PS: The original issue was posted as WiFiManager_NINA_Lite-->RP2040_WiFiNINA Example does not work #15

What specific problem do you hypothesize is being caused by a bad USB socket solder joint?

I think it's highly unlikely it would cause corruption of the uploaded sketch in a manner that would allow the sketch upload to pass and the program to run well enough to produce the reported behavior, and surely wouldn't do this reproducibly after subsequent uploads.

I suppose a bad connection on a power line could cause it though.

Sorry if you think I meant the same bad USB socket solder joint.
I just hypothesized board manufacturing issue **similar** to this, that meant possibly bad solder, missing components or any mfr. issue.

We certainly don't have the board to know for sure and just only hypothesize, hopeful the OP will have a look and verify.

Same issue here. Led is flashing (4 long 4 short) indicating a crash in mbed OS.
Output from loglevel 4 is as follows ...

Starting RP2040_WiFiNINA on MBED NANO_RP2040_CONNECT
WiFiManager_NINA_Lite v1.4.0
[WN] Set CustomsStyle to : div,input{padding:5px;font-size:1em;}input{width:95%;}body{text-align: center;}button{background-color:blue;color:white;line-height:2.4rem;font-size:1.2rem;width:100%;}fieldset{border-radius:0.3rem;margin:0px;}
[WN] Set CustomsHeadElement to : html{filter: invert(10%);}
[WN] Set CORS Header to : Your Access-Control-Allow-Origin
[WN] Hostname=RP2040-Master-Controller
LittleFS size (KB) = 64
LittleFS Mount Fail

OK, well I was really hoping to get an answer to my question here before jumping to conclusions, but it seems that conclusion has already been firmly jumped to (here and here), so I'll go ahead and share some supplemental information that seems relevant:

Due to the (not so) recent issues with supply chain we're mounting different flash chips depending on availability. While those are mostly compatible with each other, some have slight changes that require fw adjustments. In this specific case the issue can be solved by compiling sketches using the latest core which is of course backwards compatible with all other chips. If you already flashed a board with code compiled with an old core you need to recover by resetting the board while shorting the rec pin with ground. Please make sure you remove the short after reset, before flashing.

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