LittleFS on SD Card

I just started my first experiments with Arduino and got a LittleFS filesystem working while using the internal flash of my micro controller. Now, I would like to attach some storage in form of a SD card.

Is it possible to use the LittleFS filesystem in conjunction with a SD card? The SD/SDFS libraries only seem to support FAT filesystems but not LittleFS.

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For which Arduino board is it ?
Why do you want the LittleFS on a SD card ? When using FAT16/32, then a computer can read and write files.

As far as I know, the LittleFS is always used internally. Sorry, but I don't know a Arduino LittleFS for a SD card. Suppose you can find such a library or make it yourself, then how would you know that it is reliable ?

For my initial experiments I'm using a TinyS2 (ESP32-S2).

I prefer LittleFS over FAT because it can deal with power loss which the latter cannot reliably. Luckily for Linux and BSD there exists a FUSE driver so I can read those LittleFS formatted SD cards on my computer, too.

More links please.
TinyS2 : and also sold by Adafruit.

You are not looking for a Arduino library, but for a ESP32 library.
Meanwhile, I read about the FUSE LittleFS driver, so it would be a obvious choice to make LittleFS for a SD memory card.
However, when I try to find that, I go down a rabbit hole and get confused. I assume you have already searched everywhere. I'm afraid that I can't help. Someday, someone has to make this.

Here is a note/request for it:

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