LittleFS update OTA? (password protected)


In my sketch using OTA I am defining a password:


I can update my sketch OTA via ArduinoIDE and it ask for the password. But I do not get prompted for password when uploading my LittleFS data via "Tools>ESP8266 LittleFS data upload".

I get this error:

15:11:17 [ERROR]: Authentication Failed
LittleFS Upload failed!

If I don't define an OTA password, I can upload both sketch and LittleFS data with no issues.

Bumping my own post, as I still have not been able to solve this. I just installed fresh on a new machine, and get the same authentication failed. Any ideas?

Share your code, so I might help you.

However, check the following:

  1. You must be connected with the same network (router)
  2. Your device IP should not be changed (Arduino IDE shows old ip even its update)
  3. Your router signal strength must be good to communicate.

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