Live graphing of data.

Hi all,
I’ve been looking around for a solution to live graphing.
I’m currently using the arduino to collect the number of times a opto intruptor beam is broken. Its collecting speed data.
I want to be able to plot this data on a graph in real time.
Also the accelleration.

but i need to do math on the data in between and the th results come in in a binary format not in anaolog.

Any advice where to start? I would like to try to keep the processing on the laptop as the arduino’s roll is time ssencative so i want it just running the collection code.

So at the moment i have the serial output from the arduino showing th enumber of pulses i need to do some maths and then graph it how do i do this?
It also would be great to be able to save the data for review.

thanks Rob

I would like to try to keep the processing on the laptop

sp. "I would like to try to keep the Processing on the laptop "

Best place for it.

Processing will work great. If you're a .Net developer you can easily cobble together examples using the SerialPort class and something like ZedGraph for charting if you need to wrap it up into a nice Windows application.

You have binary data, you need to think about how you're going to perform the calculations. You basically are building an integration function to get you from discrete events (opto beam break) to a rate of occurrences. There's a couple ways to skin this cat.

I've also had a lot of success using MatLab, you'll be able to prototype models quickly and building serial port interfacing code isn't terribly complex in that environment either. Matlab has extensive charting support.

Ok so the output to the arduino is binary but i read it out as normal numbers. I just needed to be able to count very high breaks per second so the arduino wouldnt keep up so i set up a curcit to output the number of counts but in binary the arduino then reads this data on 8 of its pins and changes it back to a normal number.

Ill try the processing lark :-) looks nice seen as its the same as the arduino lang and c++ i cant imagine having problems just need to learn how to use it.

As for MAt LAb ive only just starting using that on my course so im only at a very basic level at the moment so diving into its libs probably isnt a good idea.

Thanks for all the advice, no doubt ill be back on asking stuff later :-) thanks Rob