Live Looping using and Arduino powered MIDI pedal


Here is another video of me doing some Live Looping using my Arduino Midi Foot Controller! This time i am playing the lovely Django Reinhardt's song "Les Yeux Noirs". Here it is: Live Looping Fun - Django Reinhardt's "Les Yeux Noirs"

I am using the Arduino Foot Controller to control Ableton Live on my computer. I press a button (ex: button 1) to start recording on a track and then press another (ex: button 2) to start playing what i just recorded, then press another button (ex: button3) to start recording on another track,... This way i can play "multi-layer" pieces of music all by myself.

It is actually a lot of fun! =)

I would love to ear any comments you may have, or ideas on improvements (for the music, for the video, for the pedal,...) ;)

Thanks =)

Excellent! I like it (both music and process). For what it's worth, my dog also likes the music (and she is finicky).

great! a big thank to you and your nice dog!!! ;)