LM2576-12 10A

Hello to all.
I need to a Buck converter. My input is 24v to 60v and output is 12v 10A.
Can I parallel 4 pieces together to get 10 amps.
Very thank you.

In general, no...

There's nothing guaranteeing that voltage/current is "balanced" between the devices. As you probably know, voltage regulators have a tolerance and for example, if one of them is 0.1V higher than another, the highest-voltage one is going to supply all (or most) of the current.

With parallel voltage regulators, you can potentially get into a situation where the current flows out of highest-voltage one and "backwards" into the lower-voltage one, drawing excess current and "frying things" (that's rare).

You can try it, but it would be a good idea to measure the current through each one to see how well they balance, starting at less than 10A of course. ...I assume you have a multimeter, and you might have to get some power resistors to make some known loads.

Its one of those things that's probably OK to try "at home", but you wouldn't want to go into mass production with it unless you can make some kind of current-balancing/feedback scheme.