LM335 Temperature Sensor Circuit


I am quite new to using Arduino, my project is to build a LM335 temperature sensor circuit that will record the temperature in Celsius then have the ability to recall temperatures for the last 24 hours with a reading every 30 mins. My main problem is I have no idea how to store these readings as I have tried arrays but my understanding of how to input new values is zero. I am using a LCD to place the readings on. I would like to have the memory to be saved after turn off so EEprom is the best choice for saving it.

Any ideas. Thank you

I have attached my code so far below.

Temp_2.ino (1.26 KB)


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Thanks. Tom… :slight_smile:

No reason why you cannot store and readback your 48 readings sequentially in internal eeprom.

Just look in the Arduino Reference pages and the ide Examples.

You might find coding a routines for displaying the daily min /max and average temperatures handy.

If you are wanting to store many days readings then you may have to look at additional external eeprom or a sd card , which are often part of a glcd/tft screen module.