Lm35 -7seg with out using arduino

Hi dear hope to be fine
Can display the temp on 7 seg without using arduino , by using ic , if that possible , could you pls suggest to my ic to interfacing lm35 or any temp sensor interfacing with 7 seg
Thanks advance

No. You need some kind of "brain chip".

There are digital temperature sensors where the analog-to-digital conversion is done inside the sensor chip, but you'd still have to convert the raw bytes for the 7-segment display. You might be able to do that with a PLD chip.

Or, maybe you can find a chip with everything built-in. Digital thermostats are super-common so maybe there are some specialized chips. (Every thermostat I've seen uses an LCD display.)

Thanks alot

Simple answer use an 8051 but I am interpreting you want to do it without a micro. Included is a simple circuit I found on line, there are a lot of them. I remember doing this before Arduino using TTL then CMOS devices. If you go through the older application notes, mainly National you will probably find what you want with both LCD and LED. Note these circuits are a lot more complicated then the Arduino is. There were also some custom chips that did exactly what you want but I do not remember what they were, that was in the 90's.

What you are asking for is a digital voltmeter chip with LED driver output.

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